World Body Painting Festival

  • Country and Location: Austria, Seeboden
  • Frequency: yearly
  • First edition: 1998
  • Usually in July
  • competition with prizes in 3 categories
  • Link:

The Web site features pictures of the body paintings from the last editions.

There is a second body painting festival from the same organization in South Korea. It started in 2007.


Festival International du Film Fantastique et de Science-fiction de Bruxelles

  • Country and Location: Belgium, Brussels
  • Frequency: yearly
  • First edition festival/body painting: 1983/1988
  • competition with prizes
  • Link:

Unfortunately, this event ended in 2008. There is no show anymore, but instead some body paintings are performed every evening.



Rencontres Body painting France




  • Country and Location: The Netherlands, Venlo
  • Frequency: every year
  • First edition: 2004
  • usually in Oct or Nov.
  • Competition with prizes in several categories
  • Organisation: Bert Verstappen
  • Link:




  • Country and Location: Belgium, near Mechelen
  • Frequency: yearly
  • usually in November
  • First edition: 2002
  • competition with prizes
  • Link:





Color Mundo

  • Country and Location: Canada, Montréal
  • Frequency: every year, but has stopped now.
  • Last edition in 2008
  • Competition with prizes in several categories
  • Chief Editor/Rédactrice en Chef: Gaëlle Mouster
  • Link:



U.K. Body Painting Festival

  • Country and Location: United Kingdom
  • Frequency: yearly
  • First edition: 2006
  • Link:





Italian Body Painting Festival

Photos here



Body painting festival in Jamaica, in hedonism resorts. See



  • Country and Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Frequency: twice a year, spring and autumn
  • First edition of the exhibition in 1978
  • Competition with prizes in 4 categories, one is body painting

Estetika is a exhibition for esthetics professionals.
On the Saturday there is a make-up, face painting and body painting competition. There are usually few "true" body paintings.

Salon du tatouage et de la décoration corporelle (Tatoo and Body Decoration)

  • Country and Location: France, Paris
  • Frequency: yearly
  • First edition: 2000
  • Link:

This event is focused on piercing and tatoo. There is only one artist showing his works (René Boelle). See

You can see pictures of the 2001 edition in the gallery.


Fantasy Fest

  • Country and Location: Key West, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Frequency: yearly
  • First edition:
  • Last time: last weekend of October, 2006
  • Next Time: last weekend of October, 2007
  • at least 3 body painting competitions
  • Link: the official site is

This is a wild party, during ten days, and the last weekend is the climax.It is always the last weekend of October (with the big parade on the
Saturday on or before Halloween). Body painting is not the main attraction, but it is a part. You see mainly breast painting.

For pictures of painted bodies from the Fantasy Fest, visit the galleries of

Paul Katcher 2007

Steve Dimse at

and the galleries of Lenshead at, also Key West 2002


Agenda of Body painting Events


in the U.S.A.