A Few Examples...

On the following pages, you will find low resolution pictures. If you would like to have high resolution prints, A5, A4 or even A3, this can be done for a moderate price. E-mail me for such requests.

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I thank each and every model that have worked with me. They are wonderful!

Thank you also to the photographers: Raymond Widawski, Pascal Lamy, Eric Bonzy, Patrick Templemars, Stéphane Thonet & Jacques Guillaume.


Salon Douai Tuning NEW

Model: Sandra

Warrior Princess NEW

Model: Virginie


Model: Evelyne


Model: Jo


Model: Elina


Peace & Love Crying

Model: Liberty

African Moon Queen

Model: Rosy

Evolution - Body Art

Model: Evelyne


Models: Eva & Serge

Paco Rabanne

Model: Rosy


Forest Lizard

Model: Eva

Films and Stars

Model: Sarah

Sexy Sniper

Model: Muriel

Matrix - Trinity

Model: Elsa

Action/Self Painting

Models: Rachel & Valérie


Silver Puzzle

Model: Elsa


Model: Chloé

Tribute to Mondrian

Model: Cynthia


Model: Carole

Tattoo Extravaganza

Model: Mabel