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I met Mari during the body-art show Maskerade 2009 inVenlo (The Nederlands).

His web site:


Question 1.: A few words about the country, town or village where you live; do you have children?; what kind of studies you have done or your profession. What is your artistic background? What do you like most in life?

Mari Van Kasteren I live in Sint-Michielsgestel (The Netherlands) where I was born(1963) and raised. I’m married and have 3 children. I’m an electronic engineer and specialized in metal detection/ X-ray and weighing equipment for industrial use. I don’t have a artistic background but I’m always busy repairing and engineering things with my hands on. Because I now have some more time for myself as the kids grow up I started air brushing in 2007. By coincidence I came in contact with the world of body painting.

Question 2: Are you a make-up professional? Do you give courses. Any other artistic activities?

Mari Van Kasteren: For a living I am a senior service engineer at Mettler Toledo Product Inspection B.V. at s’Hertogenbosch. Body painting is my hobby.



Question 3: How have you discovered body painting? Describe the circumstances. How did you start doing body painting your self? Have you done a lot or a few? Have you participed in events, competition? Which ones?

Mari Van Kasteren: I was introduced at the body painting by Hans (And Jeanne) Dekkers. I aim to at least do one painting each month and up till now succeed in doing this. Have a look at I paint a lot via and every now and than I participate in a competition. All for the fun. Highlights are 2nd price 2008 and 3rd price 2009 at Most of the time you will find my daughter Ankie by my side assisting and promoting me.


Question 4: What do you like most in body painting? What do you find most difficult? What products do you use (paints and accessories for special effects)? What is your inspiration? How do you find ideas for new body paintings?

Mari Van Kasteren: The fun in body painting is the contacts I make with the models and photographers with the aim to shoot the ultimate picture. The most difficult and itemed I find is painting the models face. I always come to a design in cooperation with the model so both model and I feel pleased about the painting. I work with air brush paint from Fardell. Sometimes I use brush and sponge with paint from (Diamond FX). I search for ideas via internet and than paint these in my own style and design.




Question 5: Do you always work with the same model? How do you choose a model? Describe your relationship with the model during the work.Do you have your own studio? Do you work a lot home?
Do you work sometimes outdoor? Have you already been painted? How did you feel? Did you like it?

Mari Van Kasteren : I use different models and most of these come to me via mouth to mouth advertisement. If they are painted once, most of them come back and so I have painted most of my models more than once. Sometimes I paint at home (No studio) but most of the time I am invited in a studio ore work shop to do the paintings. Also sometimes in summer we paint outside in the garden or… I have never painted myself but I did paint my daughter several times. She likes this and we always have a lot of fun together. When the fun stops I think I will retire from body painting.



Question 6. (question to the model) How do you feel when you are painted? Confortable,uneasy, clothed, naked? Was it difficult the first time or not? Do you give suggestions or opinions while you are being painted, or you don't say anything about the work while your father paints? Which body painting has left you with the best memories? Where was it and why?


I have asked this question to several models and here is a summary of their answers: When painted the girls feel special. They like being in the spot light. I always start with the models breasts as when these have some paint on the girls no longer feel naked. They always where a string ore a pair of knickers, I don’t paint them fully naked. The models do have problems with some photographers who immediately when they take their bra off start shooting pictures. I than will stand in between the model and the photographer until the breasts are covered with paint. I always ask my models what they like for painting and also what colours they want and always try to grand their wishes. That’s why they like to work with me. The highlights for them is afterwards when they receive their pictures.

Question 7: (Question to the body painter) How do you feel during and after a body painting ?

Mari Van Kasteren : During the making of the painting I feel great. I love working with Young people and that shows of in the cooperation between us and the end result. Outsiders often think of erotic ore sexual things but there is nothing like that on our minds  when painting. We are really only creating art. After a full body paint I’m completely empty and tired. It takes all my energy and not to forget the models energy. When the results are good I’m satisfied. Sometimes I feel bad if a painting didn’t work out as planned. If than later the pictures are made often these are better as expected so in the end we’re all pleased on the results.

Question 8: Can you tell us about your plans and needs about body painting. Things thatyou would like to do and have not done yet?

Mari Van Kasteren : I’d like to continue body painting for a while. I hope to grow to a higher level of performance. That is why I keep practising each month. I also hope to get some commercial work in the future. Main thing is I keep enjoying what I do.




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