Interview of Mishel (English version)

I met Mishel during the body painting festival "Painture" in 2016 in Nogent-sur-Oise (France).

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and Facebook page


Question 1: A few words about the country, town or village where you live; do you have children?; what kind of studies you have done or your profession. What is your artistic background? What do you like most in life?

Mishel :Hello
I am from Bulgaria. I am born in Plovdiv. My town will become a European capital of culture 2019. But I live in Sofia ( the capital of Bulgaria )
Now I study Master of Photography in National Academy of Art Sofia.
I don’t have children.

- 2007 – 2011 Bachelor's degree at Graphic Design and Photography” at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv (Prof. Nikolay Lautliev) Graduated with:
- Graphic Design Project
- Photography Exhibition
- Average grade on State Exams
- 2004 – 2005 One year “Pedagogy of Fine Arts” at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv
- 1999 – 2004 Secondary Education: Graphic Art at “Tsanko Lavrenov” High school in Plovdiv.

What I like most in my life is to TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD……
And share my art with people!

Question 2: Are you a make-up professional? Do you give courses? Any other artistic activities?

Mishel: For now I am not professional make-up but  I am professional painter, graphic designer and photographer.
No, I don’t give courses.
I have a lot of artistic activities. I travel a lot and I work with one of the best night clubs in Bulgaria. I paint dancers.  I work with the most - successful dancers in ballet – Secret Garden Show.
I also do body art show, paint kids at body paint events.
- Organization of body art shows for different events.
- Painting on live models for fashion shows, performances, photo shoots and other stage performances and so on.
- Painting suitable for dancers, staff and facility.
- Drawing of the promoters.
- Body Art Advertising (appropriate advertisement of your company by displaying your logo for various trade shows, trade events and promotions).
- Body Art as an accessory to your outfit (suitable for special occasions, prom, etc.).
- Much fun for children and adults, perfect for picnics, outdoor and indoor events:
* Children (birthdays, holidays).
* Adults (birthdays, holidays, special occasions).
( you can check my Facebook page : )



Question 3: How have you discovered body painting? Describe the circumstances. How did you start doing body painting your self? Have you done a lot or a few? Have you participed in events, competition? Which ones?

Mishel: I discovered body art by accident.
While I studied at university "Graphic Design and Photography"
one day I decided to experiment with something new and decided to try to paint a body with the intention to organize after this exhibition of photographs of art made after the body and thus to combine what I can paint with it that studying photography at the moment.
Then it occurred to me and my idea for a new way of achieving relaxation through body painting (Sensual Body Art Therapi) for which I and copyrights.
And everything connect with Body art start from that moment.
I started doing body art myself again during I experimentalize.
After I got the copyright for my idea ( SENSUAL BODY ART THERAPY ) , I naturally had to try its impact on themselves.
I have a few bodypaintings of me.
Yes I participated in contests.
I participated two times In WORLD BODYPAINTING FESTIVAL (WBF )  in Austria ( 2013 and 2014 year)
I participated in Italy (2014), Munich(2014), Belgrade (2014)- I won 2ng prize- Facepainting
And now in France  (16-19.09.2016) won 2nd prize –bodyart  just 1 point from first place 


Question 4: What do you like most in body painting? What do you find most difficult? What products do you use (paints and accessories for special effects)? What is your inspiration? How do you find ideas for new body paintings?

Mishel: The first thing I like is that it is different and unusual.
For me is the interesting way in which a body can be transformed beyond recognition.
But it also body art is one way to get to the soul and to get to know her through the Art.
Nothing is difficult if you put enough effort and work!!!
I don’t make special effect ( for now)
I am in category brush and sponge .
I use paint products Diamond FX, Einat Dan, Kryolan.
My inspiration is Life….. TRAVELING……Nature……
I find ideas for new body painting projects  everywhere and in everything ;)




Question 5: Do you always work with the same model? How do you choose a model? Describe your relationship with the model during the work.Do you have your own studio? Do you work a lot home?
Do you work sometimes outdoor? Have you already been painted? How did you feel? Did you like it?

Mishel : To my regret, I am not working with the same model, because I can not afford to travel with him/her around the world, but I'm sure that soon we will find a way and means.
My models have to have a good looking body, to be attractive, to communicate with photo camera, to know how to pose.
The relationship with model is normal. We communicate before competition,  during it is difficult for me , because  I work alone and I have to be focus .
Yes I have my own studio. I work at home, out, in the clubs… I work everywhere.
Yes  I am painter this is also my job. I paint a lot for clients.
You can check my website : and my facebook page : 
I love it !!!!! This is my Life !!!!!




Question 6. (question to the model) How do you feel when you are painted? Confortable,uneasy, clothed, naked? Was it difficult the first time or not? Do you give suggestions or opinions while you are being painted, or you don't say anything about the work while your father paints? Which body painting has left you with the best memories? Where was it and why?

Model: (Mieke)  Being painted means becoming part of a unique work of art - it's a great honor! I feel like wearing a costume, like playing a role - I am not really me anymore as I am part of the art, now. And as this is a very ephemeral kind of art (it only lasts some hours), I guess it's even more important that the model lives the painting and puts all her/his energy into interpreting and presenting this work at her/his best. This can also mean sharing my ideas and inspiration on the painting so that "wearing" it will come even more naturally to me.
The first time I modeled for a body painting job it was all new to me, the touch of the brush, sometimes it tickles - but worst is standing still for hours!! In order to change my ideas, I like "playing" and communicating with the audience and the cameras - a look, a smile, spread the fun I have ;) and chatting with everyone around. I have been body painting model for some years now, I love it - it is a new experience each time. Impossible to pick one!! But I have to say that I am really happy about the painting Mishel created on me, it was great art, a great meeting - and I am sure the beginning of a great friendship :

Question 7: (Question to the body painter) How do you feel during and after a body painting ?

Mishel : I feel great. I am happy and inspired

Question 8: Can you tell us about your plans and needs about body painting. Things thatyou would like to do and have not done yet?

Mishel : Can you tell us about your plans and needs about body
painting. Things that you would like to do and have not done yet?
With pleasure
Now I check different Bodypaint competitions in different countries and I also check for Galleries all around the world , because my dream is to be successful painter .

My plans are to travel a lot all around the world and to share my art with peoples

 Thank you for the interview ;)
Mishel Valcheva.
facebook: Mishel Mybell

15.06.2010 Sensual Body Art Therapy – a method for achieving relaxation by
drawing on the body (ORIGINAL PRODUCT)
( you can read more in my website : , Body Art Therapy )

My artistic backround :
02.04.2014 Debut solo exhibition of paintings ”Transformation”, the Gallery of Modern Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
01.07.2011 “Exhibition Graphic Design and Act Black and White Photography”,
Balabanov House, the Old Town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
13.05.2011 Presented photography at the “Elastic” exhibition, Ancient Baths, Plovdiv
01.12.2010 Debut solo exhibition of paintings “The colors of my soul”, while
projecting my body art works, including a live demonstration of painting
on the body – Art club Basquat, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2009 Participation in an exhibition “5 years Class of 2004″ with the glass held
in the National Gallery of Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2000 Participation in an Exhibition “Life Without AIDS” – Plovdiv, Bulgaria


01 – 07.07.2014 Тook part in “The World Bodypainting Festival 2014″ in Pörtschach, Austria.
13.12.2011 Organized Birthday Body Art in Sofia, Bulgaria
02.12.2011 Organized Body Art Show in club Avenue, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
09.11.2011 Body Art demonstration – Chic&Cozy “Angels and Demons in club
Maskara, Sofia, Bulgaria
29.10.2011 Body Art demonstration at the Italian Festival of Beauty and Hairstyle,
International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria
28.10.2011 Halloween Party Body Art Demonstration, club Chervilo, Plovdiv,
28.10.2011 Demonstration at a Halloween Body Art School Party, Trade School,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
15.10.2011 Organized “Hair and Body Art Show”, club Marmalade, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
30.09.2011 Body Art Demonstration at “United Colors of Music”, club Yalta, Sofia,
15.09.2011 Organized Animal Body Art, Bansko, Bulgaria
04.09.2011 Body Art Demonstration at “I Like Fest”, Central square, Plovdiv
26.08.2011 Organized “Hair and Body Art Show”, club Marmalade, St. Vlas,
01.07.2011 Organized Body Art “July Morning Coffee”, Nebet Tepe, the Old Town of
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
10.06.2011 Body Art Demonstration at the promotion campaign of Desperados beer,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
01– 03.04.2011 Body Art Demonstration at the XVII Italian Festival
of Beauty and Hairstyle, International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria
26.03.2011 Body Art Demonstration at “Into the Light” café, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
30.10.2010 Body Art Show at the Halloween Party of Dj Pacho & Pepo, club Opium,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
25.09.2010 “Night of Museums and Galleries” in Tobacco warehouses
involved with Body Art Performance, in which the author presents her
idea of “Sensual Body Art Therapy”- a method for achieving relaxation
by drawing on the body – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

14.05.2011 3rd prize at Start up, Elevator Pitch (Contest for Young
Entrepreneurs, part of the author’s idea-SENSUAL BODY ART
THERAPY-Achieving relax by drawing on the body), Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1999 2nd prize at the contest between collage art schools in the country
“Give a person something that no person” Anti-AIDS Campaign 1999 and
touring-exhibition of the 50 best pictures.- Sofia, Bulgaria



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